SEO Schedule (Fees and Services)

SCHEDULE Part 1: Fees
SEO Monthly Management Fee: £675
Breakdown as follows: SEO: £600 per month
Content: £900 for 10 pages of content,
cost spread over the agreement at £75 per month

Total Project fees: £8,100

We shall begin providing the services on date ('The Commencement Date')

No other commissions will be received by Delicious Webdesign.

All fees and/or Fees payable on the Commencement Date and every 30 days thereafter for the duration and notice period of this agreement.

Where contracts begin during the month, invoices will be pro-rata for the initial month. Management fees are due on or before the 1st of each month for
management of the following month.

All fees (including without limitation "Fees") are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate.

Part 2: Services

Details of website which will be optimised for [your website name]

[List of keywords here]

Target Ranking -,,

Remaining keywords to be agreed with your account manager within one week of contract commencement date.

Keywords agreed in the contract or on commencement of the agreement with your Account Manager form the strategy for the remainder of the agreement. Where keywords are subsequently amended the strategy, on-page content, and off-page links all needs to be amended. Should keywords need to be amended there may be charges associated with the amended strategy, on-page content and off-page links. Please speak with your Account Manager

You agree on commencement of this agreement a Press Release, written and published online free of charge, about the business partnership between Delicious Webdesign and you.

Monthly Workflow is an average amount and is not guaranteed monthly, however will be delivered in full over the complete contract duration.

Where homepage keywords and/or subpage keywords are not agreed in this contract, keywords will be researched by Delicious Webdesign. Keyword strategies will be sent to you for approval, upon sign off in writing to us we will deliver the on-page and off-page work. Any delay in signing off the keyword strategy will result in the monthly work being delayed. Should you request amendments to the homepage keywords agreed in this contract, further delays will take place. Where keyword strategies are agreed in writing on or before the 10th of the month (for example
10th January), the monthly off-page reports will be delivered at the beginning of the following month (for example February). Where keywords are agreed after the 10th of the month, reports will be delivered approximately one month further in arrears (for example beginning of March).

Reporting: is delivered through our reporting software with login details provided by us to you. Off-page work is completed during the month reported on at the beginning of the following month.

Where Delicious Webdesign are dependant on you to deliver the off-page work, including but not limited to Press Release topics and sign off, Keyword strategy sign off, article sign off, blogs sign off, there may be delays in the delivery of work and reports.

Set up of your campaign consists of creation of your accounts, keyword research & copy writing, keyword strategy creation, on page strategy (either by FTP or by report to you) implementation into your chosen search network/s & any technical amendments as recommended by Delicious Webdesign relating to the Services. Where on-page work cannot be delivered by Delicious Webdesign due to technical limitations, a report of work to be done will be provided in full by us to you. Until strategy keywords are signed off by you, off page will be suspended. Upon sign off keywords off page will be delivered in arrears.

SEO Off-page: Where directory submissions are obliged by Delicious Webdesign they are submission requests made and Delicious Webdesign cannot guarantee the success of acceptance for all submissions. Delicious Webdesign cannot be held responsible for directories that become inactive. Acceptance reports for directory submissions are chargeable and can be delivered on 30 days' notice of request. Delicious Webdesign also holds the rights to amend the SEO strategies with immediate effect. SEO strategies are defined as on page and off page.

Bespoke linking: the first month of bespoke linking is invested into research. The first month of linking will be from month 2 onwards for which you will receive reports in arrears. Link volume will vary monthly; Delicious Webdesign cannot guarantee the volume, page rank or any other variable involved with the placement of bespoke links. Following the research, should all links, within reason, be placed the remaining bespoke linking budget will be re-invested into other suitable off-page strategies.

Any form of links provided to a website cannot be guaranteed to remain on the website or for page rank will remain the same. Page Rank may move up or down. Website owners may also sell or close a website with immediate effect; in turn links will no longer exist. Any links provided will be correct at point of placement and reported by our reporting software. The average lifespan of PR links is 4 months, some links may maintain for longer or shorter than 4 months. Due to algorithm changes within search engines and webmasters that control 3rd party placements of links and indeed the website as a whole we cannot guarantee such factors or page rank and continuous placement of any links. Any links delivered in the last 6 months that no longer exist on the website will be replaced free of charge within 30 days of written request from you to do so. Themed is also defined as a relevant website in the same or similar industry to that of you, however limitations occur in sourcing such links and Delicious Webdesign cannot always guarantee links will be themed.

Where social profiles are created, these are not maintained links and cannot be guaranteed to remain active. Social bookmarking sites are chosen by us. Social bookmarks are delivered a month in arrears. Links placed on websites are subject to owner review.

Depending on the functionality of your website and the arrangements you may have with your developers, there may be limitations in the on-page SEO strategy that we can deliver. In such circumstances an alternative strategy of additional off- page will be used to substitute any on- page requirements that cannot be delivered for reasons outside of our control. You hereby agree that SEO article submissions for directories will be submitted without prior sign off by you. If you require sign off of articles this can be arranged on written request to your Account Manager. Sign off of articles must be given to your account manager in writing before the 25th of each month.
Where sign off is given after the 25th of the month the articles will be delivered in
the following month.

Press Release distributions require PR topics to be sent from you to your Account Manager by the end of the first week of the month. Should topic not be received by then we cannot assure that Press Release will be distributed in that month. Sign off of Press Releases once written is required before distribution. Should Press Release topics and submissions fall into arrears they can be caught up in arrears by sending the topic brief to Delicious Webdesign. Press Releases that are unfulfilled 30 days after the month they were due in will not be fulfilled in arrears.

Where blogs are written they will be signed off by copywriters and uploaded to your website. Approval process prior to going on your website is available on request to your Account Manager. Where sign off is required, blogs will not be uploaded until sign off received from you.

Website content for on-page optimisation will not be put onto your website without prior written sign off approving the content from you.

As part of the service rendered Delicious Webdesign are granted rights to put a link to their own website on the website detailed above.

Delicious Webdesign cannot be held responsible for any limitations that could affect our work when completing on page SEO, and such limitations that require to be resolved will be paid for by you.

Additional PPC campaign creations and additional product groups that require building into the advertising as requested by you when added to your site will be chargeable at £75 per hour. Quotes available when required from your Account Manager

You will be deemed to have irrevocably approved and accepted liability for any content which we upload to your website and which you do not amend and/or ask us to remove within 24 hours of the same being uploaded to your website.

The maintenance and management of your account/s will include support by phone and email between the hours of 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday (excluding
bank holidays), providing monthly ranking reports

Total management hours will not exceed the total monthly management fee. Any work required over and above these hours will be charged at £75 per hour.

Our service does not include site visits. If site visits are required these can be arranged. Such visits will be charged at our standard consultancy rate of £75 per hour.

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